Quotes: Okapi Aalstar - Tsmoki-Minsk

19 February 2013

Okapi Aalstar player Hans Van Langenhove

"It was a nice game and during the game we heard that Bonn won against Oldenburg so we knew that we were eliminated and that we could easily play our game and relax. Now we can focus on the competition and the Belgian cup."

Okapi Aalstar coach Brad Dean

"Minsk had problems with our zone defence, so it was difficult for them to come into the game. My team did a great job and seven players ended the game in double figures."

Tsmoki Minsk coach Andrei Krivonos

"Congratulations to Okapi, they played well. We didn't expect Okapi to be so efficient from the outside. We tried to play inside but our players didn't execute it well. I want to apologise to our fans for this bad game."

Tsmoki Minsk player Aliaksei Lashkevich 

"I have to congratulate Aalstar, they deserve the win because they followed their coaches advice. Okapi controlled the game completely and deservedly won."


19.02.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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