Quotes Telekom Baskets vs. Okapi Aalstar

06 February 2013

Bonn head coach Michael Koch:
"We struggled finding a rhythm on offense in the first half, but did a good job against Aalst's zone defense. Now we have to focus for the last two games to take hold of our chances to advance to the quarter-finals."

Bonn player Robert Vaden:
"Aalst came in here shorthanded and showcased great fighting spirit. In the second half we had defensive stops when we needed them in order to create a commanding lead."

Aalst head coach Bradley Dean:
"With this win Bonn is in the driver's seat to eventually making it to the next round. From my time with Ulm I know the German league very well and I must say that the Bonn crowd is one of the best I've seen."

Aalst player Ioana Tofi:
"Bonn caught us in transition a lot. They came out aggressive after intermission and were able to extend the lead. We fought and tried to come back, but due to the amount of injuries we are shorthanded these days and could not compensate our missing starters."


06.02.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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