Quotes Tsmoki-Minsk vs. Telekom Baskets Bonn

29 January 2013

Telekom Baskets head coach Michael Koch
"We had only one training to prepare for this game. It is very short term. But we had a chance to win the match in the end. However our concentration was not enough."

Telekom Baskets player Benas Veikalas
"We expected that the game will be hard. And it was. But when Tsmoki missed some free throws in the end we had some chances to win. But our opponent was luckier today."

Tsmoki player Aleksei Lashkevich
"This game was very important for us. That is why we prepared very well and we done all things our coach asked."

Tsmoki head coach Andrey Krivonos
"We knew that if we lose this game we would lose chances to continue playing in the EuroChallenge. That is why we tried to show our best basketball. We won but the game was very uneasy for us."


29.01.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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