Quotes Okapi Aalstar vs. EWE Baskets Oldenburg

30 January 2013

Okapi Aalstar coach Brad Dean
"After a very good first quarter, Oldenburg let off a little bit so we could fight back into the game but it took a lot of energy. I didn't have a great rotation so my players were tired at the end. But I'm proud they were competing till the end."

Okapi Aalstar player Ioana Tofi
"We fought for 40 minutes but we need to give credit to Oldenburg because they kept their cool and they could rotate better and made more shots. We gave ourselves 100% and we don't need the fatigue to call as an excuse for this loss. Oldenburg was the better team today."

EWE Baskets coach Sebastian Machowski
"I'm very happy with the win so we stay unbeaten in the EuroChallenge and we stay in touch for going to the Quarter-Finals. I know this was a difficult moment for Aalstar with a lot of injured players. At the end we shot well against the zone defense and we deserved to win."

EWE Baskets player Julius Jenkins
"After a big start we stopped playing defense and Aalstar made some nice open shots and they came back in the game. In the third quarter we started strong again and stabilized our defense."


29.01.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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