Quotes: Tsmoki-Minsk - Okapi Aalstar

23 January 2013

Okapi Aalsar player Derek Raivio

"It was a very tough game. But we had more luck and our opponents missed some important shots in the end."

Okapi Aalstar head coach Bradley Scott Dean

"Minsk was in control of the game for about 30 minutes. Only in the last quarter we had chance to make a comeback. We are very lucky that we could make a good response."

Tsmoki-Minsk player Aleksei Trostinetski

"We played well but lost control in the last quarter and couldn't come back."

Tsmoki-Minsk head coach Andrei Krivonos

"I can say that we lost this game, not that Okapi won it. If you want to win, you must play in full strength till the end. However, we didn't do it today."


23.01.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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