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19 February 2013

Oldenburg head coach Sebastian Machowski
"I have to congratulate Michael and his team for this win. We wanted to stay unbeaten in this competition and we failed to achieve this goal. After already being first in our group we had a hard time focussing and concentrating. Bonn deserved to win this game today because they wanted it more than we did tonight."

Bonn head coach Michael Koch
"I'm proud of my team tonight. We won tonight because we hit some big shots in the fourth quarter. Plus, we managed to improve our rebounding in the second half. We played with a lot of confidence today which comes from playing well the last couple of weeks."

Oldenburg player Konrad Wysocki
"Both teams played hard was a tough game. Bonn never made it easy for us and hit some big shots in the fourth quarter. We now have to learn from our mistakes and continue to work hard."

Bonn player Jamel McLean
"This game was important for both teams. Both teams wanted to advance to the next round. It was a hard fought game but we prevailed. We won tonight because we made some big shots down the stretch and rebounded the ball well in the second half."


19.02.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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