Quotes Norrköping Dolphins vs. Krasnye Krylia


Krasnye Krylia head coach Sergey Bazarevich:
"Like always we wanted to play hard defense. Our shooting percentage was a big bonus for us; we do not make shots like this usually. We kept playing great defense for 40 minutes; we try to do that every game. It is not easy to play in Russia, we travel a lot and every team in the VTB League is good."

Krasnye Krylia player Yury Vasiliev:
"It was a good game. We played very well in the first half. When we started playing more aggressively it was good for us. We played strong defense throughout the game; it was an overall good performance."

Norrköping head coach Paul Burke:
"There is a reason to why they have not lost a game yet. They have got depth, size and quality all around. It is tough to play a team like this. The only thing I am a little disappointed with is that we have to follow our game plan a little better, if we do that and play really hard and they still beat us, then we did everything we could. I think we can do a better job on following our game plan. But it is also easier said than done, they could punish us almost every time, and when a player got foul trouble a new player got in and hit good shots. This is a very good team."

Norrköping player Keith Gabriel:
"We've got to be more consistent. We have to get better and learn from this. And we have to stick to our game plan better."


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