Quotes Norrköping Dolphins vs. Tofas Bursa

22 January 2013

Tofas' Player Can Altintig
"We started really bad. We let them score 24 points in the first quarter and 21 points in the second quarter. It is not easy to loose like this. But this is basketball, and we will continue to work hard." 

Tofas' Head Coach Amit Caki
"We did not start well. We scored better in the second quarter and in the last quarter we were in the game. Before the free throws we were in it. We should have taken the loose ball before they hit the shot to tie the game. I did not see the foul in the end but we should not have done that, it is unacceptable, one of our most experienced players Austin Nichols made the foul and it is not good. Congratulations to Dolphins. We made easy mistakes. Every game is really important."

Dolphins' Head Coach Paul Burke
"To be able to get this win is great for us because this is a really good team. They dominated the rebounds and they kept getting second chances. If we hadn't started to rebound better in the second half we would have lost and I told the guys that. Right now I am very pleased as a coach.

It was a good game. If they commit to do this, and if we can have this intensity every time we can do something really special. It is big for a team in Sweden to get a win like this.

You cannot erase fouls as a referee, so I asked what was going on and he was not sure about the decision. So I asked if we could check the video and it was true, the foul was before the signal."

Dolphins'player Mikael Lindquist
"It was a good win, we played really well. We had some mistakes for a period but we found a way to win. Good job. We wanted to win on our home court and advance from the group."


22.01.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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