Quotes Krasnye Krylia vs. Norrköping Dolphins

15 January 2013

 Krasnye Krylia head coach Sergey Bazarevich:
"It was not an easy game as it may seem. We made a comfortable difference too early and then relaxed. It felt like my players did not play as a team. When the Dolphins got a chance and were losing by only nine points, my players got back to the game. I have warned them that the Dolphins have good three-point shooters. Andre Smith performed well today, scored many points and made six offensive rebounds - nice stats!"

Krasnye Krylia player Andre Smith:
"The Swedish team made this game hard for us. We were motivated all through the game because they did not give up even when we led by 22 points! I think we are favourites in our group, anyway."

Norrköping head coach Paul Burke:
"We played a hard game tonight, but we were prepared well and we knew that such a good team has many good players - even when you try to stop two players, the other three make the game. Krylia out-rebounded us, and next time we should work on our team defence and try to move the ball to the paint more often, because 32 three-point attempts - that's too many."

Norrköping player Joakim Kjellbom:
"They rebounded more than we did, and they played better defence - that's why we lost the game. The difference in points also matters, and when we were down by 22 points we kept on fighting, and moreover we have a couple of new players, and we worked on our system and tactics which could help us in our next games."


15.01.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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