Quotes Paris Levallois vs. BCM Gravelines

19 February 2013

Gravelines head coach Christian Monschau:
"I mostly want to congratulate Paris' team and staff. Both teams gave their whole tonight. But they had two important players missing tonight [Jawad Williams and Sean May] and what they achieved anyway is remarkable. It could have gone either way tonight, we were lucky it went our way."

Gravelines player Kennedy Winston:
"It was our fourth game of the week, so it was tough, but our strength is that we can rotate a lot and every player is ready to play at every moment. Another strength of ours is that many players can shoot the ball and score. We are very happy with this win."

Paris head coach Christophe Denis:
"I am proud of what my team did tonight. They killed themselves in defense and I really appreciated the spirit they demonstrated. We slipped on little details and when you play a one-point kind of game, little details matter a lot. It cost us the game tonight."

Paris player John Cox:
"We did all that we could tonight, but it wasn't enough. Luck is a part of the game and it was not on our side tonight."


19.02.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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