Quotes BCM Gravelines vs. Paris Levallois

22 January 2013

BCM Gravelines-Dunkerque head coach Christian Monschau
"We had a great third quarter, very aggressive on both sides of the court but we still have to manage the ups and downs of a game. It's a good win for us, we're still alive for qualification."

Paris-Levallois head coach Christophe Denis
"We had a terrible third quarter in the way we played and the way we acted on the court. They could have beaten us by 30 points but luckily it didn't happen. We'll have to react in the next game against Szolnoki."

BCM point guard Aldo Curti
"It's an important victory after our loss in Szolnok last week, we made a good effort in the third quarter with though defense which allowed us to win the game even if we don't take an advantage with the point-average." 


22.01.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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