Quotes BK Ventspils vs. Joensuun Kataja

12 February 2013

Kataja head coach Jukka Toijala:
"The main problems started in the second half. Ventspils played more aggressively; but we did not pass around the ball and did not cooperate on the court, we also made mistakes. The key player today was [Donald] Sims - he was the biggest threat and changed everything at the end."

Kataja player Johnell Smith:
"In the first half we executed our plan well both defensively and offensively, but in the second half we missed important shots and our defense did not work out as we planned."

Ventspils head coach Roberts Stelmahers:
"I want to say thank you to our fans, they really helped us today. The second half was more successful for us - we came out aggressive, showed good defensive. The key point was the third quarter. We did not have any motivation problems, the players knew they had to win."

Ventspils player Donald Sims:
"This was a good game. We had a good defense in the second half; we cooperated as a team on the court. In the first half we maybe looked a little bit lazy, but in the second half we became more aggressive and determined."


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