Quotes Gaz Metan Medias vs. Joensuun Kataja

22 January 2013

Antti Kanergo, player Joensuun Kataja
"We started very poorly and I don't know why. We had too many mistakes, we missed a lot of shots, and we didn't play as we used to play. In the first half Gaz Metan was better and I think that was the key of the game."

Jukka Toijala, coach Joensuun Kataja
"It was one of our best games, but we couldn't find the intensity of what we played usually, especially in the first half when Gaz Metan scored easily. That was not actually a problem because we succeded to come back in the second part of the game, but our real problem was the defense. At the end Kanervo scored a couple of outside shoots, but it wasn't enough. When you loose like that, you always want to play again."

Marcel Tenter, coach Gaz Metan Medias
"I'm glad we succeded to win this match. In my oppinion we deserved it. We worked a lot for this game, and there many more to come. They have a very special player who made our life terrible tonight and we must be more concentrated."

Kyle Shiloh, player Gaz Metan Medias
"It was a good game for us, but we can always play better. There were a lot of things we did wrong, especially in the second half towards the end. There were also good things too, so there's a lot that we can improve for the next EuroChallenge game and championship game. We just look to get better every game."


22.01.2013 - EUROCHALLENGE

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