Quotes: Gaz Metan Medias - BK Ventspils


BK Ventspils player Martins Meiers

"It was a very bad game for us, there was a big pressure from Gaz Metan that we couldn't handle. We made too many mistakes, we missed some shots and that's the reason why we lost tonight."

BK Ventspils coach Roberts Stelmahers

"It's hard to explain why we lost tonight, but this is normal, it's sport and one team always wins. We knew that it will be very hard in Medias, it's very hard to win here. Gaz Metan have players with experience. We have a young team that couldn't hold the pressure of Gaz Metan."

Gaz Metan Medias coach Marcel Tenter

"A hard earned victory, the number of points indicates that this game was played under the pressure of qualification. Both teams were affected by this. I am happy that we defended exceptionally. We made mistakes but mostly we had good defence who stopped their players. We are happy because we won three games at this stage [of the competition]. I congratulate the entire team and the public. I'm proud of them."

Gaz Metan Medias player Kyle Shiloh

"We had a good game, we didn't think about the game in Finland, we just came out and tried to play our best basketball. I'm very disappointed because we lost to Kataja. There were a couple of points at the end of the game that made the difference."


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