Quotes: Telekom Baskets vs. Antwerp Giants


Telekom Baskets head coach Bonn Michael Koch

"Both teams played hard to get the victory, unfortunately we could not get hold of our chance to take this one away. In the extra session Antwerp fired back and they deserved to win."

Telekom Baskets Bonn player Robert Vaden

"In the end the ball did not drop in our favor. No we have to reassemble our forces on route to win one of our last two games on the road."

Antwerp Giants head coach Eddy CasteelsĀ 

"Today we really needed everybody on our team to contribute. We had shown good signs over three quarters against Holon last week, knowing that we had to play a full game to have a chance coming into this building. We were able to go for 45 minutes, which was just great."

Antwerp Giants player Tim Black

"You could see that both teams really came out to win this game. We were somewhat with our backs against the wall and have to build on it in the future. As far as my comeback is concerned I hope I could give my team some kind of spirit we were lacking the last couple weeks."


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