Quotes Tsmoki-Minsk vs. SLUC Nancy


Andrey Krivinos, head coach Tsmoki Minsk
"I am absolutely satisfied with our players. They were ready to win a long time ago but now we begin to believe in it."

Minsk guard Aliaksandr Kudrautsau
"We are happy with our game today. We started to play much better a few games ago, but only now it gave the result. I think, there will be more good matches in the future."

Jean-Luc Monschau, head coach Nancy
"We have prepared for a tough match and it was. However we lost a lot of rebounds, didn't score easy shots and let Tsmoki made a lot of free shots."

Nancy guard Kenny Grant
"Minsk was much better in some important moments in the end of the game. So, it made the result."


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