Quotes SLUC Nancy vs. BCM Gravelines


Gravelines head coach Christian Monschau
"We had a first half complicated by the excellent play by Nancy, which made us lose many balls , and disturbed our team.
During the second half the marking started to pay, until the last quarter we didn't let anything go. Tonight we've took a great step to qualification."

Gravelines player Aldo Curti
"We seem to have a problem to begin the matches. We have two faces. It's often difficult to come back in the match, but as soon as our defense takes the rhythm, we get a better attack."

Nancy Player Torrelll Martin
"We had a very good first half, and we had to build on upon it. The difference in the second half is that they were a more agressive team, this agressivness killed us offensively. They became too comfortable with their shots. It's too frustrating. We are fighting hard but we must fight smart."

Nancy head coach Jean Luc Monschau
"It's more complicated without Jamal Shuler and John Linehan, the first half was encouraging, we provoked many turnovers. The second was totally the opposite and then Gravelines ate us."


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