Quotes: Tsmoki-Minsk vs. Apollon


Apollon head coach Akis Konstantinou

"My team played very bad today. Especially in defence and rebounding. Every team playing this way will lose. So result is correct."

Apollon player Jason Detrick

"We lost first part of the game. Our opponent played very well as a team, move ball fast and lead a game. In the second part we tried to change this situation but it was too late."

Tsmoki-Minsk player Aliaksei Lashkevich

"We started our preparation to the season too late and today was the first time we played completely like our coach wants. So it was a very different game. Our team will improve."

Tsmoki head coach Andrey Krivonos

"It was a good game for everybody. We started to play more interesting and we won. So, I think now our team can find its game and the result will be better."


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