Quotes SLUC Nancy vs. Tsmoki Minsk


Minsk player Ja Juan Smith
"We focused on what we had to do: winning. This was our goal at the beginning of the season. We played as a team in defense. It was a tough game, every shot was contested. Both teams played a battle, and in the end we won the battle."

Minsk head coach Andrei Krivonos
"For both teams it was the last chance to qualify. It was our last opportunity to reach the Last 16. We played with great concentration. There were many mistakes on both sides. We had prepared for a hard match, and everything we said before, we did it."

Sluc rlayer Kenny Grant
"It was an opportunity to go ahead in our game. This turned out to be a huge deception. Minsk controlled the match. Their third quarter was powerful, we came back but it was too late. We had too many turnovers. We had some opportunitues to score but we missed too many shots. We knew it wouldn't be easy. It's a great pity."

Sluc head coach Jean-Luc Monschau
"No comment."

Sluc player Bingo Merriex
"It was a nightmare tonight. Loosing at home was very disappointing. We came back in the game, but never managed to go ahead. It was that kind of night were you waste too many shoots."



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