Quotes BC Timisoara vs. EWE Baskets

04 December 2012

BC Timisoara head coach Srdjan Jovanovic
"We have started the game very well, we played good defense, and overall we played better than the final score shows. Oldenburg is a strong team, and they managed to defeat us, but we want to send a message to the whole Europe, that we work hard to play good basketball, and nobody can come here and win easily. I thank all the fans that came to the game and supported the team."

BC Timisoara player Robert Sarovic
"After each game lost, you are very sorry and you wish you had done better. We played better than in Germany and than in the championship, we played physical basketball, and I think it was not easy for the Germans to win here."

Oldenburg head coach Sebastian Machowski
"I am very happy about this victory, I congratulate the team for its motivation, its not easy to have such an attitude when you are on the first place, and hard games are coming in the Bundesliga. We had a bad start, the opponents scored from every position, but then we managed to play our game."

Oldenburg player Jannik Freese
"We want to get as far as possible in the EuroChallenge, but we can't realize yet how far, we wait to find out our opponents from the next phase of the competition. In this moment the Bundesliga becomes a priority because hard games are coming."


04.12.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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