Quotes BC Timisoara vs. Szolnoki Olaj

20 November 2012

Szolnoki head coach Peter Por
"We defended aggressively, we started well, and then we stayed focused. We knew what Timisoara plays, we watched them, we did a very good scouting, and we gained an important win. We will play 3 matches at home, where we have great fans, and I hope that it will help us to obtain the qualification."

Szolnoki center Marton Bader
"We played six games in a very short time, and we are a bit tired, but the team played very well today. We were very concentrated for 40 minutes, and when you are concentrated you can't lose. It helps us very much that we play in the Adriatic League, which is more powerful than the Hungarian Championship."

BC Timisoara head coach Predrag Badnjarevic
"We knew that they are the better team, with a strong rotation, aggressive and solid. We let them score too many easy points and we offered them open shots, so they took advance. We came back a few times, but it was not enough. We knew the game that Szolnok plays, they did not take us by surprise, but we could not keep up with their rhythm."

BC Timisoara Player Zlatko Jovanovic
"We prepared ourselves for this game, but we had a low start and then we had to run after them all the time during the game. This made us nervous at a certain point. Every time we let them play their game, they took advantage and they scored a lot of points! The qualification is not decided yet, but it will be very hard for us to be the first runners up. It is nice to play with such a public, both teams had great audiences."


20.11.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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