Quotes EWE Baskets vs. BC Timisoara


Timisoara head coach Predrag Badnjarevic
"I have to congratulate coach Machowski and his team. They completely deserved this win. They defended better than us and their bench is deeper than ours. We usually don’t play against this kind of team in our league. Plus, we added some new players to our roster. But Oldenburg also controlled the boards and grabbed 24 more rebounds than we did. You just cannot win a game like that."

Timisioara player Bogdan Popescu
"For me it was great coming back to Oldenburg. I loved my time here, love the city, the gym and the facilities. We lost today to a clearly better team. Oldenburg seems to have a great chemistry this year. They dominated us defensively and showed very good teamwork. Our goal is still second place in this group, but it will be tough. We will need to play a lot better in our next home games to have a chance of advancing to the next round."

Oldenburg head coach Sebastian Machowski
"I’m happy we won the game. In addition to hat I’m glad that after the tough game against Bayreuth two days ago none of our players played more than 24 minutes today. I think we played as a team today, defended well and rebounded extremely well.  We are having a good year in the EuroChallenge so far. In the coming weeks we’ll see if we deserve to advance into the second round."

Oldenburg center Robin Smeulders
"In the first half we played a really good game. We showed some nice combinations and worked really hard on the boards. Being 20 points up in the second half we lost concentration and had some lapses in focus and toughness. Our deep bench made the difference today – no matter who played today, everybody delivered and the convincing victory should give us some confidence for the tough games ahead."


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