Quotes Szolnoki Olaj vs BC Timisoara

11 December 2012

Srdjan Jovanovic, Timisoara head coach
"It was a good game. I asked from my players 'don't think about the score or what will happen just play a good game'. Congratulations to Szolnok and I wish them good luck in the future."

Zlatko Jovanovic, Timisoara player
"I can say just what my coach said. We wanted to fight and play good games in this round. We wanted to play as a team and we did it."

Nenad Asceric, Szolnok head coach
"First, I'm so happy because we won. We weren't in a good situation. We couldn't practice together a lot and we didn't know each other a lot. I asked from my players to fight and enjoy the game, and be a good team."

Márton Báder, Szolnok player
"I'm happy that we're on a good way again. We trust in our coach as he trusts  in us."


11.12.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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