Quotes: Szolnoki Olaj vs. Körmend


Szolnoki head coach Dragan Aleksic

"We have lot of problems. I mean a lot of players are ill and we are have just changed coaches. Players are tired and we didn't believe in ourselves. Congratulations to Körmend."

Szolnoki player Márton Báder

"Congratulations to Körmend. We had to win but we couldn't. I thought we could go deeper but we couldn't."

Körmend head coach Tamás Hencsey 

"I asked from the team a long time ago that we show that we are good and we can play hard. Next round we will be harder, and we will do everything what we can."

Körmend player Csaba Ferencz 

"Last week we played two good games. In the fourth period we played good and we could win because of this extra."


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