Quotes Okapi Aalstar vs. Belfius Mons-Hainaut


Okapi Aalstar head coach Brad Dean
"After 5 minutes I was worried about our foul trouble but my team is growing throughout the season. They take less bad decisions than in the past, so they could handle the foul trouble. The qualification for the second round is in our hands now."

Okapi Aalstar player Jason Clark
"We had some difficulties to come in the game. We didn't find our rythm and made too many mistakes. But we came together and took take advantage of our strenghts. We had a nice run at the end of the second quarter and could control the rest of the game."

Mons head coach Yves Defraigne
"Basically we didn't play well especially on the 1 on 1 we were dominated by Aalst. We had more shots than Okapi but we played the wrong way. We went too quick in our shot selection and they took advantage of the easy baskets to win the game."

Mons player Brian Qvale
"We didn't slow Okapi down in transition. It was a high scoring game. There were a lot of 1 on 1 situations and Okapi took advantage of them to win the game."


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