Quotes Paris Levallois vs. BCMU Pitesti

27 November 2012

Paris head coach Christophe Denis
"It's good to be able to win ugly games. We want to stay focus on the win, we want to be efficient."

Pitesti head coach Tudor Costescu
"We have only seven players. We're able to play well when we're fresh but as soon as we got tired, it didn't work out. We try to adapt, to take time outs and change things up but it didn't work."

Paris shooting guard John Cox
"It's a good win. We put ourselves in a good position for the competition. For myself, it is getting easier and easier because I get more rhythm and everybody is playing an unselfish game, that helps a lot."

Pitesti player Donte Gennie
"We learn a lot from these games. That help us for our championship. Paris is a very energetic team and it was hard for us to compete with that but playing that kind of game helps us to get stronger and get better every time."


27.11.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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