Okapi Aalstar head coach Brad Dean
"I was satisfied with the performance of my team during the first half but Paris showed a lot of character in the second half. They put pressure on the ball and we couldn't handle it. We took also a lot of bad decisions and turned over the ball 23 times so you can never win a game."

Okapi Aalstar player Thomas Dreesen
"The pressure on our guards was so heavy during the second half that several times we just ran out of time to build up our plays. We were unable to find each other anymore so we tumbled into individual play. Paris had so many easy baskets and we had to fight for each score."

Paris Levallois player Louis Labeyrie
"The first half was very difficult despite our good defense. The second half we took control of the game and our defense was the key. Our shots fell on the right time and we could take the victory."

Paris Levallois coach Christophe Denis
"The first 20 minutes there was not enough energy on the floor. You need to put pressure on the opponent to be efficient. We had to play full court press to win the game by taking steals and find the right scorers. This was a game won on defense!"


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