Quotes BCMU Pitesti vs. Belfius Mons-Hainaut


Mons-Hainaut head coach Yves Defraigne
"We knew it will be a hard game , we saw how Pitesti played the first part of the game against Paris Levallois. The key of the game was our defence, wich was at a high level. The only thing that we missed where the rebounds, they where better in this chapter. But we where able to take the right decisions in the key moments of the game and that brought us the victory."

Mons player Monwell Randle
"We came here to win, we came a long way, we knew very well what we had to do. We really had to play tough defence and that is what we are able to do, and that made us winners in the end."

Pitesti coach Tudor Costescu
"Congratulations to our oponent, they deserved the victory, they where more focused in the key moments of the game. I also congratulate my players, it was a great effort  and it is really hard to be competitive at this level with only seven players. The diference tonight was made by the mistakes we made in the crucial moments. We where able to rise at a high level, but unfortunately, we could’t  focus in the end of the game and that cost us the game."

Pitesti player Damien Kinloch
"It was a tough game, we where in front, they fought back, than they where leading and we came back in the game, but in the end, we could’t focus enough to win. Belgium and France have strong leagues, this is a strong competition, and deffinitelly we have a problem ending games, in the last minutes. But we look better and better and finally, |I hope we will be able to get one victory in this group."


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