Quotes Paris Levallois vs. Mons-Hainaut

14 November 2012

Paris guard Antoine Diot
"We had the game between our hands in the first half. After, we played too relaxed and Mons stayed focused. They took the lead but at the end of the game, we had the chance to take it back. We did it in the French league this week-end but we can't do that every time. We need to act not always react !"

Christophe Denis, coach Paris Levallois
"It's a good thing to have a good start but it's always better to have a strong finish. We must recognize that Mons did what they needed to do to win. They played a good game and we cannot say other things! They deserve the victory."

Mons-Hainaut head coach Yves Defraigne
"We were on a three-game losing streak so we were unconfident at the begining but we're very proud of our game. It's one of the best teams in the competition and we did it. A good thing."

Mons player Quincy Taylor
"We are very happy to win here in Paris. We won the game in defense and for our fans. They made a long trip for us and we wanted to show them that they're precious to us and to thank them with these victory."


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