Quotes Okapi Aalstar vs. BCMU Pitesti


Pitesti head coach Tudor Costescu
"Congratulations to Aalst, they played very well. They had extra-ordinary percentages on 2pts and 3pts. We had problems with scoring with only 5 players scoring out of 9 and we couldn't stop the fast break of Aalstar."

Pitesti player Pankracije Barac
"We started very bad and the game was going one direction all the time. We missed a lot of shots, Aalst didn't and played with more energy due to the fact that we had some injuries. I congratulate Aalst to their solid game."

Aalst head coach Brad Dean
"By winning this game we did a great job. It wasn't the perfect game. We had periods with a lack of concentration and then we turned the ball over too much. Everyone expected an easy victory but those kind of games are the most difficult to win. My team showed a lot of intensity and they played well together. But Pitesti is a good team. For the return match I don't expect an easy game."

Aalst player John Tofi
"We started the game very agressive on both sides. We dit a great job on the open court. We played well together and we have created a lot of big shots. In the second quarter we showed a lack of concentration and Pitesti came back in the game. But we found our rhythm and concentration again and took control of the game."


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