Quotes Mons-Hainaut vs. Okapi Aalstar

07 November 2012

Mons Hainaut head coach Yves Defraigne:
"First, I want to congratulate my colleague and his team which played a very good and tough game. In fact, in the first half, we made few mistakes, especially in the first quarter, but in the second half we found a very agressive team, and my players didn't play as I wanted. There is a big difference between playing quickly and creating open shoots, and forcing shots in all positions ... We could have controlled the tempo, but it was wrong, very wrong, and when you're unable to do it, it's impossible to win. It was night and day between the game of Saturday against Charleroi in the championship and tonight."

Mons Hainaut player Guy Muya:
"We've given the success to our guests ... It was a game with two faces. In the first half, we were playing very well in changing the tempo whenever it was necessary, but after, I don't know why, we desobeyed orders, and committed many turnovers. Maybe it's a question of mentality, but now, to reach the second round, we're obliged to win four games of five to be sure to be qualified, and it will be quite difficult in playing like we did in the second half."

Aalstar head coach Brad Dean:
"When I have a look on our stats, I see we shot more than 71 percent at two points, and more than 55 percent at three points after having trailed twelve points behind Mons. My team is young, and never seemed panic-striken in the first half. My players were physically on top to answer the baskets of their hosts, and it's a good thing to have won, because we know how important it is to take a success away in a pool."

Aalstar player Chris Young:
"The beginning of the game was what we expected, with a very agressive team, shooting very well. But in process of time, we knew everything was possible, provided we avoided turnovers as in the first half. At this moment, we played very strict defense, and it became better offensively in alternating pick and roll, and also in keeping our calm. Most of our players didn't make unprofitable fouls, and we won three quarters of four, with a last one with eleven points of difference."


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