Quotes Mons-Hainaut vs. Paris Levallois

05 December 2012
Paris Levallois player Sean May

"First, I must say that Mons have a very good team, and we improve many difficulties to win. In fact,it was a tough game like the first leg when we were beaten at home by this team! We started slowly, and immediately, we were punished, and obliged to run after a gap of fifteen points in the first quarter. Fortunately, we locked up again our defense, and tactically it became easier for us to prevent our hosts to continue their domination."

Paris Levallois head coach Christophe Denis
"We stayed clear despite the fact we began badly, and at the half-time, I told my guys they were able to win if they remained calm. Just before this game, we already knew the same situation in Aalst and also in Pitesti, where we led by fifteen and even twenty points. I have a very good team, with coolness in the difficulties, and despite the fact we've been beaten in the championship against Chalon, my players were full of expedients to recover their strength at the good moments. During the extra time, the decision fell on a possession of ball...,but I want to congratulate my colleague for his job and I think it must be cruel for him to be eliminated."

Mons Hainaut player Joshua Bostic
"We started very well, but after, and I don't know why,we played slowly and gave our hosts the opportunity of coming back in the game, instead of enlarging the gap."

Mons Hainaut head coach Yves Defraigne
"First, I want to congratulate Paris for its qualification, but in the two legs, the decision fell in extra-times; that's to say the two teams were very close, and my colleague found good tactical choices when it was the moment....In fact,we didn't work enough on the switching of our hosts and we also didn't attack the circle as we should have done.
It's not logic that a team which plays at home obtains less free throws than a team which is playing away. We were not patient enough at crucial moments and we were also passed beyond in the duels at one against one."


04.12.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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