Quotes JDA Dijon vs. Tartu Rock


JDA Dijon head coach Jean-Louis BORG
"Even if we knew we won't make the next round, we really wanted to do our best. We managed to be efficient on the court tonight, in defense as well as in offense. This game was a good opportunity to let the young players show what they're capable of. Tonight, they only scored 61 pts, that's an important statistics which proves undoubtly the quality of our defense when everybody plays together."

Tartu Rock head coach Gert Kullamae
"Dijon have shown a really good defense tonight, our players had a lot of difficulties to score. We knew we were eliminated from the competition, what maybe affected our players. Dijon seemed to be much more motivated tonight. They really deserved to win this game, there was a difference in the intensity level."

Tartu Rock player Justin Ingram
"We missed a lot of shots tonight, in contrary to Dijon. Their aggressive defense created a lot of problems for us. We had a lot of difficulties to concentrate tonight, that's also why they won."

JDA Dijon player Ferdinand Prenom
"We really wanted to finish correctly the competition, even if we knew we won't pass to the next round. This kind of game is really important for the life of the group. It enables everyone to get self-confidence and to practice."


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