Quotes: CS Gaz Metan Medias vs. JDA Dijon Basket


JDA Dijon Player Tarrence Campbell
"I'm dissapointed. It was a tough game and I think the problem was that we let them score too many points. We have to practice more in defence, which wasn't as we wanted it to be. They succeeded also in rebounding many balls in offence and that cost us."

Gaz Metan Medias Player Slobodan Dundjerski
"It was a very tough game, our first European game. We had a little bit of luck, but I think we deserved it. We can and we must play better than this, we shoud win much earlier, but it's very important that in the end it was our victory. We showed character and now in three days we have another game."

JDA Dijon Head Coach Jean Luis Borg
"Of course I'm dissapointed. We scored on the last attack but unfortunately the decision was that the game must go to extra time. After that unfortunately we lost one player and we didn't succed in focusing on what we should do. I hope we will learn from the mistakes we made tonight.  At the end we led by five points but we made many mistakes and Gaz Metan came back into the game. If those mistakes didn't exist it was our victory tonight."

Gaz Metan Medias Head Coach Marcel Tenter
"Dijon showed good form in the last game from the French Championship and we knew that they will come here with a lot of expectations. For my players it was the first European home game and in their game their was too much excitement. We controlled almost the entire game, if you will see the statistics you will see we lost control in the last minute, but we had the power to come back. We must do much better on defence, here we can improve our game. Also in the last minutes we lost many possesions very easily, we gave them the chance to get back."



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