Quotes Norrköping Dolphins vs. Tampereen Pyrintö

21 November 2012

Tampeeren Pyrintö head coach Ville Tuominen:
"We had a bad moment in the second quarter. We played pretty good defense in the beginning and then our energy disappeared. We didn't find our energy after that, and they played better. First quarter we were good. We also shot very poorly from the three point line."

Tampereen Pyrintö player Lamonte Ulmer:
"We wanted to come out with a lot of energy, but we had a five-minute bad period. We had some good runs, but it didn't go all the way tonight."

Norrköping Dolphins head coach Paul Burke:
"It was a solid game; at one point we had a 19-point lead. It ended up being an 11-point win instead of a 25-point win, but I am not disappointed. It is important to win our home games. Anton Saks was very positive tonight. He had more energy, more intensity, and a better mentality. Sometimes he doesn't do that. He came back and was tough. It was a big step forward. Our defense has been solid all year, and today it was good except for the rebounds."

Norrköping Dolphins player Anton Saks:
"We had an overall solid performance except for our rebounding, but it was a good win. We play tough teams in the EuroChallenge so this was important."


21.11.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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