Quotes: BK Ventspils vs. Tampereen Pyrintö


Tampereen Pyrinto player Antero Lehto
"We played very well in the first quarter when we executed our plays well, but after that we had an intense drop down. I don't know why it happened and the game was over for us. Ventspils is a good team and they deserved this win." 

Tampereen Pyrinto head coach Ville Tuominen
"We lost to a better team, let's be honest. We played OK in the first quarter, but then our defence and our intensity dropped. We stopped having any pressure on the ball and Ventspils, as an experienced team, used this situation. We gave up too early."

Ventspils player Donald Sims
"It was a good win. We defended our first three quarters. Last quarter got away from us, but this was a good home win. I hope the team will continue to play good defence and keep it going."

Ventspils head coach Roberts Stelmahers
"I am happy for the result of the game - for the team, individual players and their attitude on the court. They had a serious attitude towards the game. For us every game is important for our growth individually and as a team. I think this was a great win."


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