Quotes Krasnye Krylia vs. CSU Asesoft Ploiesti


Krasnye Krylia head coach Sergei Bazarevich:
"It was clear that our team was stronger. But I had some worries that our players might relax a little during the game. I think that intrigue was taken off at the very beginning of the game. Even though we are progressing from the group, we will consider what tasks to solve in the next game against Kataja."

Krasnye Krylia player Yuri Vasilyev:
"After a home game loss against UNICS in the VTB League, we wanted to apologize to our fans with this game. This year we had games in which we have been losing a big advantage in the score. But we prepared ourselves well for the game with Ploiesti. And now we will prepare for the next match."

Ploiesti head coach Vladimir Arnautovic:
"I would like to forget this game as soon as possible. This match could not affect the situation in the EuroChallenge neither to our team, nor to Krasnye Krylia. But still I expected a better game in defense of my players. We have been turning the ball over and let our opponent get easy points."

Ploiesti player Virgil Stanescu:
"It is hard to say anything after such an unfortunate game, although we knew that it is a strong opponent, and Krasnye Krylia took it seriously and reached their goal. But we also came to Samara to play hard, did not consider it just a voyage."


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