Quotes ETHA vs. KRKA


KRKA head coach Alexander Sekulic
"I am very happy for the win. I know this team plays good basketball. We played better from time to time because they had new players and we did a good job instead of the many mistakes we had in the offensive part. Congratulations to Etha, to the coach and the players and I wish them good luck for the future."

KRKA forward Edo Muric
"We had a long trip and we knew that the game would be hard.  Etha has good shooters and we had to stop them. The result was good for us. Good luck to them and to our team for the rest of the season."

MICHELIN Etha Engomi head coach Kyriakos Adamou
"In the first hald we played bad and we did not play as a team. In the second half we played better but we were not mentally strong.  We have to keep the positive from our appearance and we have to improve for the future."

MICHELIN Etha Engomi player Ogooluwa Adegboye
"We did not have a positive attitute. We must still be together as a team. Congratutations to KRKA and I hope we play more as a team in the future."


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