Quotes KRKA Novo Mesto vs. Michelin Etha


Krka head coach Aleksander Sekulic
"We have problems with injuries but the reaction of my players was good. We played a good game, especially in offence, although the defence of Etha was not so tough. I hope that we can play like that in the future too."

Krka guard Domen Lorbek
"The first game is always very important. We wanted to start with a win and we managed that. Etha is better team than score at the end shows. We played quite good defence and managed to get some difference in the beginning of the game and that was crucial."

Etha head coach Kyriakos Adamou
"Participation in this competition is very important for us. We have a young team this season, for most of the players this is their first appearance on such a level. We don't have a lot of time to practice. Although we're not happy with the score, because difference was very big, this game was important for us. We'll try to be better in the future."

Etha point guard Ogooluwa Adegboye
"It's good for us to see how we are able to play on this level of competition. It won't be easy for us, we must travel a lot and play against good teams. We can play much better and I hope we can show that in the next games."


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