Quotes Gaz Metan Medias vs. Ural Ekaterinburg


Gaz Metan head coach Marcel Tenter

"I was expecting it to be a hard game for us, because Ural have played very well in the pre-season. They are a strong team and unfortunatelly we missed a lot today, especially from distance, we scored only two shots. Of course this is not an excuse, it was a qualification game, so we should give our best. I think that the qualification is still playing, and I expect a much better game on offensive at Ekaterinburg."

Ural Ekaterinburg head coach Oleg Okulov
"It was a tough game, the first official game in this season for both teams. We won and that's good for us. The two points difference is not a confortable one, we must play very good at home."


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