Quotes Municipal Targoviste vs Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje


Pokey Chatman, Spartak&K M.R. Vidnoje coach:

"I want to congratulate the team from Targoviste, they acted like a team, also everybody from the organization of the game, it was a top organization and a great atmosphere. About the game, our goal was not to let Targoviste score over 65 points. It was a great game, congratulations to both teams."

Isabelle Yacoubou, Spartak&K M.R. Vidnoje:

Thanks to everybody, we felt so good here in Targoviste; two days ago I was sick, but due to the atmosphere I recovered and played. We must focus now on playing in the Final Eight."

Florin Nini, Municipal Targoviste coach:

"It is a great honour for us to meet such a great team and to play so well against them; we  respected our opponents but were been afraid of them. We demonstrated that character and attitude can sometimes make up for the difference in [team] value. Congratulations to my team and thanks to the fans."

Jillian Robbins, Municipal Targoviste:

"I have played in Russia, and believe me, I know how it is to loose by 20, 30 or 40 points. So, we had a great game today, congratulations to my team, we couldn't have realised this without the support of the fans, of all the Targoviste people. Thank you everybody."