Quotes: ZVVZ USK Prague - USO Mondeville


USO Mondeville head coach Hervé Coudray
"We wanted to win to get into the next round. We did not play well in the first minutes - we did not play how we wanted. Then it improved and I am proud of my team, how they fought. The teams in our group were very equal, it was a big fight."

USO Mondeville player Kirsten Sharp
"USK did a good job and achieved what they wanted - they got into next round. I am happy for our young team, we fought. I believe that we will get back stronger next year."

ZVVZ USK Prague head coach Natalia Hejkova
"It was a blood, sweat and tears game. If we fought in other games as we did today, we would not get into such troubles. There were some mistakes, but [the] first ten minutes were really good and then we played as we wanted. It was a game of defence."

ZVVZ USK Prague player Katerina Elhotova
"I had a good feeling from the game and the work of the whole team. I liked also that we co-operated on offence, we do not play such team basketball every day. We played what we wanted. I think that the zone defence after the inbounds worked well and also helped."


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