Quotes: Novi Zagreb - CCC Polkowice


CCC Polkowice head coach Jacek Winnicki 

"I'm very happy about the win which has opened a chance for the second round. We had mistakes in second qouter and let Novi Zagreb to come into the match. After the half, we played good defence and that was the key to our win. It is the second time that we play in Euroleague and second time in next round."

CCC Polkowice player Magdalena Skorek

"In the first half we played point by point. The key to win was our defence in the second half."

Novi Zagreb head coach Vladimir Ivankovic

"For the first time we didn't play at a high level. That was the problem because this was the most important game for us. The team didn't show any character. We didn't have a player who could carry the team on her back."

Novi Zagreb player Ana Cacic

"First half was good in offence and defence, but then we stopped playing and  don't know why. Our first goal was, and still is, the national championship."


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