Quotes Perfumerias Avenida vs USO Mondeville

09 January 2013

Laetitia Kamba, USO Mondeville:

"I am very upset, they have been more aggressive than us and that was the key of the game. It has been a similar game with the last that we lost, and we have to work on this problems. We still have  a lot of chances to qualify, and we will work to get it."

Hervé Coudray, USO Mondeville coach:

"Congratulations to Perfumerías Avenida, they had a fantastic game tonight. Their agressivity level was amazing, we couldn´t do anything against it. During some minutes it was almost impossible to get the ball up front. It was not the same game as the one we played in France."

Monique Currie, Perfumerías Avenida:

"It is very nice starting the year like this, with this fantastic game. I am here for only five days, I'm trying to get the chemistry with the rest of the team, tonight I did a few good things, but I can do better."

Víctor Lapeña, Perfumerías Avenida coach:

"I am very happy with this victory, but I am upset because of Isa Sanchez's injury, it was a pitty. I expect from my players to play at this agressivity level, we knew that we couldn´t win in their physical level, so we played with intelligence. We don´t want to think about going into the nex round, we just want to work day by day."



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