Quotes CCC Polkowice vs. Perfumerias Avenida Salamanca


Perfumerias Avenida head coach Alberto Miranda:
"In the first half we played well. Unfortunately the third quarter it was a real collapse. We played bad in defense and equally bad on offense. Four points in one quarter is a tragic result. You can not play like that in EuroLeague Women. I'm disappointed."

Perfumerias Avenida player Le'Coe Willingham:
"I am desperate. Our attitude in today's game, especially in the second half, it was a drama. This defeat hurts because our opportunities to advance are limited."

CCC Polkowice head coach Jacek Winnicki:
"The third quarter of this match was the best quarter performance of my team this season. I'm proud of my team. For us it is very important to win and a great gift for Christmas."

CCC Polkowice player Agnieszka Majewska:
"I was afraid of this game. Afterhalf-time we played much better. The third quarter was excellent, and it decided our victory. We are very happy today. "


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