Quotes Novi Zagreb vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg


UMMC head coach Olaf Lange:
"I'm much happier than after the first game we played against Novi Zagreb. The first time we weren't prepared for the zone. We prepared this time and we showed up for this game. We were solid. This is the strongest team I have coached, much like a WNBA team."

UMMC player Anete Jekabsone:
"Pretty easy game for us. In the beginning they played good defense. Afterwards we picked up and the end result represents what the game looked like."

Novi Zagreb head coach Vladimir Ivankovic:
"We played well for 17 minutes of the game. It was tough after that. Nothing we didn't expect though, since we expected nothing less from a team such as UMMC Ekaterinburg. The next four rounds are very crucial for us. We are hoping to win some games and to make it to the next round. If that doesn't happen - it won't be a tragedy."

Novi Zagreb Leilani Mitchel:
"We didn't play all that well. There were too many mistakes made. UMMC is one of the best teams in the world. We are getting better. We just need to pick up the improvement phase since we are playing important games after New Year's."


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