Quotes: USO Mondeville vs. CCC Polkowice

12 December 2012

CCC Polkowice head coach Jacek Winnicki

"We lost four games by 2 points. We missed our first quarter and we lost the battle of the rebound.
We have to secure the rebounds for the next game."

CCC Polkowice player Valeriya Berezhynska

"We were expecting another result, it was a close game. We didn't take avantage of them having one player out. We played good offense in the 2nd half but not enough to win."

USO Mondeville head coach Hervé Coudray

"EuroLeague [Women] is always hard. We lost one of our major players before half-time but we had many second chances. It's an important win. We need to win another game to keep our chances for the next round."

USO Mondeville player Amanda Lassiter

"I'm happy we won, we fought hard, stayed focused and we won. It's one of our best games: good defence and offence, even if we were down."



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