Quotes USO Mondeville vs. ZVVZ USK Prague


ZVVZ USK Prague head coach Natalia Hejkova:
"The worst game I had as coach. It's a difficult period, a road trip and a lot of games. We lost the fight tonight."

ZVVZ USK Prague player Kia Vaughn:
"We had a lot of turnovers, we miss a lot of opportunities. We could have won this game."

USO Mondeville head coach Hervé Coudray:
"Our defense was good but it was not a very good game. We had a good three-points percentage. We need to win two more games to go to the next round. We had to make them run. We started slowly but little by little we came back and we won."

USO Mondeville player Kristen Sharp:
"It's an importent game for our confidence. They scored only 60 points, it's a good defensive performance against such a good team. I had a good game, I have to do the same next time."


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