Quotes CCC Polkowice vs. USO Mondeville

24 October 2012

USO Mondeville head coach Herve Coudray:
"I'm happy that we won. I knew it would be a tough game. We played hard defense. In the end we changed our defense and Polkowice had no time for adapting to the defense. This was a good idea from my team. The game was very physical."

USO Mondeville player Kristen Sharp:
"For us, this victory is very important because in the French league it is not going well for us. I hope that now we will play better also in the French league."

CCC Polkowice head coach Jacek Winnicki:
"It was a very important game. We knew it would be very difficult. In the end we tried a variety of ways to earn points, but did not succeed. This is sport, this is basketball. It is a pity that we lost, because there was a chance to win today. Now we have to focus on doing better in the next matches.

CCC Polkowice Laia Palau:
"When we got the lead, it seemed that we would win. Maybe we are not ready for that, to win the matches. It was a very important game for us because we have a tough group and this match could have importance in the further competition. We made a lot of mistakes. We have to play better to win in the EuroLeague Women."



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