Quotes Famila Schio vs. Nadezhda


Maurizio Lasi, Famila Schio coach:

"It was a tough match, as we expected, against a very good team. Our defense made the difference, especially when my players began to defend as we planned during the week. We're growing game by game and it's very important because we have e new roster and we're working hard to find the right timing."

Laura Macchi, Famila Schio:

"It was our first game in front of our fans in this season. We began to play not the way we can but during the match the "feeling" [we have as a team] in the court grew. Now we look forward to the next game against Sopron next week."

Aleksandr Kovalev, Nadezhda coach:

"We played very good in the first half. Then Schio's defense started to be more aggressive and we lost too many balls and missed shots. Our new players arrived in Orenburg only a few days ago so we have to work hard to do our best."

Liudmila Sapova, Nadezhda:

"We lost this game in the third quarter -[the scoreline] 24-7 says it all. I don't know exactly what happened during that quarter but it changed the game. Now we're going to play our next match against Fenerbahce and it will be another tough fight."


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